the mint vintage

Inspired by a mint colored kitchen.

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Projected Projects

I have a lot of projects to start and finish. So, I will start by posting pics of them untouched. That way I can feel somewhat productive.


the UGLIEST freaking lamp shade everrrrrrrr. and, it’s plastic. but, the base is amazing.

my favorite piece. right now serves as a catch all by the front door.

my favorite piece. right now serves as a catch all by the front door.


pretty cool. i think it was maybe a record cabinet? great side table, too.


This was in perfect condition. Until it slid out from right under my cart into the corner of a metal shelf OF COURSE lol

Welp, that’s a few things. I have more, but let me just cover my eyes like I have been :p



My Grandparents Mint Kitchen


My Grandparents Mint Kitchen

Hi! I am Simone and this is my grandparents kitchen. It is mint. It is beautiful. It is home. This is the inspiration behind this blog: mint, vintage and love. I grew up in this kitchen watching my grandparents cook, eating so much food, and sitting around the table with my family just enjoying being together. I have vowed to one day paint mine the same color. Until that day comes (like one day when I have my own perfect mid century house that I can do whatever I want to, lol), I’ll be working on all my smaller DIY projects and this is a space for just that. Goal is to have my own furniture store one day 😀