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Inspired by a mint colored kitchen.


Vintage Bread Box

So, yesterday I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden…I found the bread box that matches my canister set!!! Wow, the lead up made that seem way more exciting haha…but, I was thrilled!


^ my set sans the flour and bread box, still happily incomplete

The, bam! The breadbox!


So, in all my experience in using bread boxes, they seem to make the bread actually mold faster?? Yep, I did a pseudo science project once bc I was convinced. It traps the moisture or something and I don’t know if my little fam can eat a whole loaf of oatnut in four days (I mean we love bread, too). So, I have pretty cluttered counter tops as it is, then the light bulb went off. I decided to use it as an organizer and love the results!


Everything that was cluttering my counter top is now nicely contained. It fit most of my cookbooks and all the pens and junk with room to spare. It also came with a little shelf that would come in handy if I didn’t want to stuff all the pens and scissors. I am really glad to have this little corner looking all organized and sheeeeit. Okay, so scoop up a bread box if you’re like me and have tons of crap in your kitchen that needs a hiding place!




I’m sorry to those of you who follow me. I am so ADD and have a hard time sticking through with projects. Also, sometimes I just forget to take pictures! I’ve been up to a lot lately. First, I am a thriftoholic and can’t walk away from anything I love, especially furniture (it used to be vintage clothing as well, and kinda still is -.-). Second, we live in a small two bed room condo with a decent sized balcony, and I’m constantly on the brink of stacking my finds and have very little room to work on power tool projects and full blown redos. So, this leads me to Three – I have been selling a lot of awesome stuff on Craigslist here in Denver! And omg I love it!!! It is so much fun. If you’ve followed my Instagram you can see a few pieces I have listed, but I have so much yet to list. It’s exciting.

I used to sling my vintage clothing in an Instagram shop, and that was also very gratifying, but after about a year things started to slow down and I started to get bored (big surprise). So, I switched it up to handmade clothing and reworked vintage and that was okay, but very stressful. So then I was like eff, I need to do something I love again! So, I started this blog! At first I was just buying furniture because I love to collect, but then there were just too many pieces I couldn’t walk away from. I rented a storage unit and started hustlin furniture and I haven’t looked back! Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to own a furniture store one day. I love to not have overhead, but I also loveeeee staging. That’s one of the fun parts, imagining the furniture in use! Gahhhhhleee. Well, I am hoping to post more here much more often! Check out my Instagram to keep up with my finds πŸ™‚

^^ one of my faves thus far^^


Ps- thanks for reading through this super rando posting that probably makes little sense πŸ™‚

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Projected Projects

I have a lot of projects to start and finish. So, I will startΒ by posting pics of them untouched. That way I can feel somewhat productive.


the UGLIEST freaking lamp shade everrrrrrrr. and, it’s plastic. but, the base is amazing.

my favorite piece. right now serves as a catch all by the front door.

my favorite piece. right now serves as a catch all by the front door.


pretty cool. i think it was maybe a record cabinet? great side table, too.


This was in perfect condition. Until it slid out from right under my cart into the corner of a metal shelf OF COURSE lol

Welp, that’s a few things. I have more, but let me just cover my eyes like I have been :p



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My First Project: Refinishing A Little Baby School Desk

I bought this little $10 school desk about 2 months ago at a thrift shop for my baby. She loved it immediately. Unfortunately, I’ve had to keep it outside and watch her constantly on it because the bottom was completely full of rust and the wood was totally vandalized (lol). I had the plan to refinish it since I first laid eyes on her. Now, I am ready to move her indoors. It was time to crack the whip and get this girl all gussied up. I was sure mint was going to be the best color for her and how perfect for my first post?! But, once I went spray paint shopping, the specific color I had in mind was no where to be found and I do not have the patience to order online and wait. I thought about a lavender. Was lavender to girly? What if I have another kid and it’s a boy? Yellow. Mustard yellow was in my cart. My heart wasn’t in it. I decided to live in the moment and worry about the color for a-maybe-second-child later. I turned my cart around and French Lilac by RustOleum it was!

Here’s the desk in all of it’s thrift store glory:



Melisssssa </3

Melisssssa </3

First, I had to sand the rust off the bottom and the paneling. This was hard work. My hand was cramped, and it was gross. There was so much rust!! I used an 80 grade sand paper and make sure to wear your face mask. And, gloves probably ( I didn’t >.<).





After I sanded as much of the nasty rust off that I could, I wiped it down with a damp rag. It was amazing the difference! Then I took a finer grade sand paper (180) and went over all the metal one last time and wiped it down. These sandpaper sponges are amazing and reusable


Now it is time for the wood! Yay. I used an orbital sander and a medium grade (100) sandpaper. I had to go over the desk a couple, ten, times. The marker sure did bleed through. Sorry, Melissa. For the seat and chair backing, I had to sand by hand most of it. Be careful with the orbital sander to always keep it moving if you are on an uneven surface or it can eat in to the wood at certain spots.


I had to go over some of the marker stains on the desk and pen out of the pencil space with a lower grade by hand. Then finish it with the sander and a 180 grade to smooth it out and prepare it for stain.


A blow dryer is totally a power tool. Great for getting saw dust out of hard to reach spaces ;)

A blow dryer is totally a power tool. Great for getting saw dust out of hard to reach spaces πŸ˜‰

After the sanding was done, I was ready to paint! I bought cheap blue painters tape at ReStore (I am lucky and live right next to it!), and also a cheap paint brush for the stain.


Oh yeah, I took it all apart and unscrewed these bars from the wood.

Oh yeah, I took it all apart and unscrewed these bars from the wood.

Now, paint! I did light coat by coat to prevent dripping and get an even finish.





After I took the tape off.

Now, I was ready to stain! I used a stained polyurethane that gave the wood just a little bit of color and gloss (Miniwax Polyshades in Pecan). Make sure to go with the grain when you are staining. I used my $2 ReStore polyester brush, but the stain suggests using a natural bristle. Mine turned out fine. I did two coats and let it dry about 6 hours in between.



There were a few very minor scratches from taking off the tape and small amounts of stain on the paint. I sprayed some paint into a small cup and used a cheap paintbrush to touch up.


She was finally ready to put back together! I love how it turned out. It took me about two days, time well spent. Now, I can move her back inside.



Ta-da! I love :)

Ta-da! I love πŸ™‚

So there you go, my first DIY blog project! Snag one of these if you find it for a great price and make your own, you won’t be sad you did πŸ™‚