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Inspired by a mint colored kitchen.

Vintage Bread Box


So, yesterday I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden…I found the bread box that matches my canister set!!! Wow, the lead up made that seem way more exciting haha…but, I was thrilled!


^ my set sans the flour and bread box, still happily incomplete

The, bam! The breadbox!


So, in all my experience in using bread boxes, they seem to make the bread actually mold faster?? Yep, I did a pseudo science project once bc I was convinced. It traps the moisture or something and I don’t know if my little fam can eat a whole loaf of oatnut in four days (I mean we love bread, too). So, I have pretty cluttered counter tops as it is, then the light bulb went off. I decided to use it as an organizer and love the results!


Everything that was cluttering my counter top is now nicely contained. It fit most of my cookbooks and all the pens and junk with room to spare. It also came with a little shelf that would come in handy if I didn’t want to stuff all the pens and scissors. I am really glad to have this little corner looking all organized and sheeeeit. Okay, so scoop up a bread box if you’re like me and have tons of crap in your kitchen that needs a hiding place!


Author: themintvintage

All around creative. Hoping this blog gives me some accountability for all the things I have purchased with the intentions to do something with and haven't, lol.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Bread Box

  1. I love that colour – and that you re-purposed it!

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