the mint vintage

Inspired by a mint colored kitchen.



I’m sorry to those of you who follow me. I am so ADD and have a hard time sticking through with projects. Also, sometimes I just forget to take pictures! I’ve been up to a lot lately. First, I am a thriftoholic and can’t walk away from anything I love, especially furniture (it used to be vintage clothing as well, and kinda still is -.-). Second, we live in a small two bed room condo with a decent sized balcony, and I’m constantly on the brink of stacking my finds and have very little room to work on power tool projects and full blown redos. So, this leads me to Three – I have been selling a lot of awesome stuff on Craigslist here in Denver! And omg I love it!!! It is so much fun. If you’ve followed my Instagram you can see a few pieces I have listed, but I have so much yet to list. It’s exciting.

I used to sling my vintage clothing in an Instagram shop, and that was also very gratifying, but after about a year things started to slow down and I started to get bored (big surprise). So, I switched it up to handmade clothing and reworked vintage and that was okay, but very stressful. So then I was like eff, I need to do something I love again! So, I started this blog! At first I was just buying furniture because I love to collect, but then there were just too many pieces I couldn’t walk away from. I rented a storage unit and started hustlin furniture and I haven’t looked back! Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I want to own a furniture store one day. I love to not have overhead, but I also loveeeee staging. That’s one of the fun parts, imagining the furniture in use! Gahhhhhleee. Well, I am hoping to post more here much more often! Check out my Instagram to keep up with my finds 🙂

^^ one of my faves thus far^^


Ps- thanks for reading through this super rando posting that probably makes little sense 🙂

Author: themintvintage

All around creative. Hoping this blog gives me some accountability for all the things I have purchased with the intentions to do something with and haven't, lol.

2 thoughts on “MIA

  1. That dresser is gorgeous. I got a dresser as a “package deal” when I bought my dinning room table and chairs from a second-hand store. I am not wild about it. I would love to find something like this!

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